Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate? My Review

In my experience there’s often many problems with online training platforms. Really high costs, badly written lessons and downright scams are everywhere. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised when I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

There were no high prices or hidden costs. The training was also set out in a simple, organised way.  There’s even an option to try them out for free . No credit card details will be asked for.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

  • Over All Rating: 9/10
  • Cost: $47 / $29 per Month
  • Membership Options: Monthly / Yearly
  • Membership Levels: Free / Starter / Premium
  • Free Trial: Yes – 7 days
  • Value For Money: 5/5
  • Training: 4.5/5
  • Ease of Use:3.5/5
  • Community:5/5
  • Legit Rating: 5/5

Pros: First Class Training and Support

Cons: Potentially Overwhelming Information

Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate?

My Opinion

As you can see I’ve given this program a very high score. This is because I’ve personally used this website before and continue to use it. I’ve joined many websites in the past and ended up leaving them.  Not this program.

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one recommendation for anyone wanting to get into Affiliate Marketing, or wanting to make a website and make money from it. This is for all the reasons that you can see below.

Of course it’s not for everyone but only you can make that decision. By giving you as much information as possible you can make an informed choice and know what’s best for you.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

People wanting to:

    • make money online
    • build a website / blog
    • blog about their passion
    • learn affiliate marketing
    • profit from an existing website
    • learn e-mail marketing
    • get their website on the first page of google
    • learn pay per click advertising
    • get inspiration and tips from successful internet marketers

15 Reasons To Consider Joining Wealthy Affiliate

1. Try it Out For Free

This isn’t my top reason for joining the membership overall but it’s certainly a very good reason to get inside the website and have a look for yourself.

You have a full seven days to try all out the features, get to know how it all works and meet people inside. Remember there are no credit card details taken from you so you decide when you want to pay.

During the free membership you don’t have access to all the training but it gives you enough time to get a good feel for the site.

After that the site offers a promotional starter membership which is only $19.99 for 30 days. So, if you decide to continue after 30 days, your first 37 days will be only $19.99. That’s only  $0.54 per day.

I think that’s pretty good to get your feet wet with. I actually joined before they had a free membership, so you should think yourself very lucky!

After the 36 days if you decide to go premium you will have access to every feature and all tutorials in the site.

2. No Surprise Payment – No Hidden Extras

In the past I’ve made the mistake of signing up to memberships that give you a free trial but they still take your bank card details.

I didn’t like them but thirty days later a payment came from my card because I forgot. Of course there are no refunds available in that situation.

This is a dirty trick that many online companies play. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t operate in this kind of way.

In the intro paragraph I called Wealthy Affiliate “refreshing”.  This is because they don’t play the games and tricks that many online memberships do. As I said, the free trial is free and you will pay NOTHING until you decide.

Many other memberships also have hidden extras and up-sells. In those programs you can’t actually complete the training or make money until you buy other services. Other services may include research tools, website builders or access to different levels of training.

Once you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate (not the free or starter membership), you have access to all the tools and training. You will never be charged extra for anything inside the site.

There are some optional extras but they are totally optional and not needed. The only reason you would pay extra is if you are a big professional marketing dude or dudette. So no need to worry.

For me, I pay the standard premium membership, get access to all the tools and that is perfectly enough. I have built websites that make me money using those services.

See One Blog Post That Made Me $500.

3. No Wild Promises

If you’ve been searching for a way to make money online for a while you will have noticed that the internet is full of wild promises.

Push button services, businesses that run on autopilot, floods of traffic, instant millions and may more. I don’t know about you but when I first started online I thought that internet had magic powers and that somehow these things were possible.

During my learning process I bought into many schemes and ended up out of pocket. I didn’t spend too much money, well at least $2,000 anyway.

I also wasted an incredible amount of time. This was very frustrating and demoralising. I actually nearly gave up.  Maybe you’ve been through the same thing?

When I eventually came across Wealthy Affiliate it really was a total departure from everything I’d seen before. There were no promises of automatic money or making lots of cash overnight. It was all about providing training and putting in some hard work.

Potential earnings were and are promoted as being about about the work and effort that you put in. Not all based on autopilot or any magic tricks. That’s very different to the crowd and in my opinion makes them stand out from the rest.

4. Easy Step By Step Training – Task Based

I would say this is my top reason for anyone to join this website. The training is incredibly well laid out and takes you through in a step by step manner. There are both videos and written instructions at each and
every stage.

The training is task based. You don’t move onto the next lesson until you have completed a task. this means that as you move through the training you are actively building your business as you go along.


By the time you’ve completed the certification course you will have a website up and running and very likely be making some money too.

See how I made over $500 from one of my first blog posts.



5 . Affordable For Everyone

Many online training memberships run in at $100’s of dollars a month. Others have up-sells and required extras that can sometimes run into $1000’s. Personally I think those ones are rip off and should be avoided at all costs.

If you’ve already spent some time researching for ways to make money online you will likely have seen those programs before.

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand charges a very reasonable $47 per month. That works out at just $1.50 per day. Probably half the price of a Starbucks coffee.

Imagine being able to run a business for half the price of a coffee every day. That’s excellent value by anyone’s standards.

There’s also a yearly membership that works out at $29 per month. That brings the price to just $1 per day. Have you ever heard of a business that you can run for $1 per day?

Remember of course that you can always try it out for free for seven days.

6. Great Help On Hand

Wouldn’t it be great of you had a coach or someone to ask when you get stuck? Maybe you have tried to learn a system online before and got stuck at various points?

Well, here is another aspect of this site that makes me highly recommend it. You are never alone at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you get stuck on the training there is a whole community of people willing to help you out.

There is a live chat section where you can ask questions and the more experienced members will happily help you with any issues you may have.

You can also search within the site for any training relevant to your problem. Even the owners of the site pop up and answer questions from time to time.


7. Make a Website in Just Two Clicks

If you’ve never had any experience with websites before you’ll be amazed how easy these guys have made it.

You can literally make a website in two clicks with a system they have inside the membership.

  1. Select a website name (domain)

2. Select a template

3. Press go!

4. You have a website!

I’m not joking, it’s that easy. They use WordPress website software which is the worlds most popular blogging software.

Millions of website users use this platform. It’s safe, reliable and looks great. You can chose the colour, layout and design that you want.

8. Vast Experience

Many membership sites pop up and don’t last all that long. Wealthy Affiliate has been running for over 12 years. This means that you’re in safe hands.

The owners of the site, Kyle and Karson, have been in the industry well over for 15 years. They are very well known and respected in the trade.

They’ve used that experience and knowledge to create a high quality learning platform for others to create their own success.

9. Promote Any Products You Like

Often membership sites are thinly veiled pyramid schemes. They only teach you to re-sell their own membership to to other people. They aren’t really teaching you the skill to create your own independent business.

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to promote any topic or any products that you like. Pick your area of interest and off you go. Make the business that YOU want to focus on.

You are in no way tied into promoting memberships of their site.

10. Host Unlimited Websites

If you host your website outside of Wealthy affiliate it costs a monthly fee. Included in the membership is the hosting of unlimited websites.

11. Member Feedback – Pay It Forward Community

You can get feedback honest feedback on your website from other members. This lets you find out how you are doing with the training and reduces the amount of guesswork.

To get the feedback you simply help by giving feed back on two other members’ websites.

This is another interesting aspect of the community. There is a pay it forward code of conduct within the site. You help the community, they help you back.

 12. Amazing Research Tools Included

As stated before, many programs charge a membership plus extra for other tools or education in the membership.

Wealthy Affiliate includes an amazing keyword research tool for free. Key word research helps you to get pages of your website on the first page of google. That’s how you make money.

I know some similar membership and very popular sites charge an extra $30 – $90 a month just for the use of their own Keyword research tools.

Once again Wealthy Affiliate beats out the competition and offers up something for free that the others don’t.

13. Specialist Live Video Tutorials

Every week a new specialist live video tutorial is conducted by their resident educator Jay. Jay covers a new specialist topic every week.

This allows members to hone their skills and pick up extra tips. The owners realise that their members will experience more success with greater and greater training.

I would advise for new members to finish the basic training before watching these videos.

14. Ever Evolving Membership

Many membership sites are static and non evolving. The material in their membership has stayed the same for many years.

This is not so in the Wealthy Affiliate community. The site is continually updating and and adding new features. In the time I’ve been a member I have seen many new features added.

This has included the live chat, new research tools, live video training and a restructuring of all the basic training.

Despite all of these improvements the cost of my membership hasn’t increased at all. I also know the owners have a few new developments in their plans for the coming year ahead.

15. Awesome Community

There is real a family vibe inside the Wealthy Affiliate community, everyone is out to help each other and see each other succeed.

This is fully demonstrated in the live chat feature where very experienced members spend a lot of their own time helping out the new members. They don’t get paid for this yet give their valuable time to help new members through their problems.

You can follow and be followed, send personal messages and are ranked according to your participation in the community effort.

Everyone helps each other and gets help from other members.


A Small Warning

I wouldn’t be doing a proper job if I didn’t also tell you some of the downsides to this website. No programs are perfect and the same goes for Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s a couple small downsides to the Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Overwhelming: There is a lot of information in the site and that can be very overwhelming at first.

Easy To Get Distracted: Because the site has so many things going on inside it’s easy to get distracted. Video tutorials, live chat, members blog post and other things.

My Advice:

The way to deal with these issues is just concentrate on the basic training and work through the step by step lessons. After you have finished that you can move on to all the other features. If you are focused these issues above shouldn’t be a problem.

If you have any other questions about this membership please ask them in the comment below. I’m always happy to help. 

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